Federal Government Feared to Hijack Hirshabelle Regional Election


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – There are concerns raised over possibility that federal government could hijack Hirshabelle regional state’s elections, hours after names of regional MPs were announced on Tuesday night.

Among the new 90 member parliament were NISA officials and government employees that added tinder to tensions in the region, where politicians vying for securing gains in the upcoming Hirshabelle presidential election remain in bitter standoff.

The region’s outgoing President Mohamed Abdi Ware earlier piled on criticism of the way the electoral process had been set in motion and interference from the federal government that deviated a technical committee – that was earlier designated – from doing its responsibilities.

Other opposition figures also launched a blistering attack on President Farmajo and his Intelligence Chief who allegedly continue to interfere with Hirshabelle electoral process to get their favorite candidate win the election.

Ali Abdullahi Gudlawe, the outgoing Vice President of Hirshabelle State is the federal government’s favorite candidate and it is believed that if he is elected, he will add more strength to President Farmajo’s reelection bid.

Hundreds of Turkish-trained police officers took over control of Hirshabelle presidential palace and parliament headquarters, a move that regional politicians fear could plunge the region into additional crisis ahead of a crucial vote.

With only two months to go until elections, the incumbent President hell-bent on reelection is spending major efforts in getting most of regional states stand by his candidature.

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