Fighting Between Troops within Somali Government Leaves 4 Dead


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Fighting between troops within the Somali federal government in the town of Beled-hawo on the border with Kenya left at least four people dead, officials said on Monday.

The fighting erupted following a dispute over residents forced to take to the streets in a massive demonstration against Jubaland administration.

Turkish-trained Gorgor Somali Special Forces tried to stand against residents being forced to turn out in demonstrations after their businesses were shut down by local Police.

Residents told Somaliguardian that a fierce gunfight following the standoff lasted for more than an hour, leaving at least four people dead and several others wounded.

Clashes between troops within the Somali government often take place in major towns across restive south Somalia.

The border town of Beled-hawo have become flashpoint area in recent months after hundreds of troops loyal to the federal government were deployed to tighten grip on the town that was earlier controlled by Jubaland administration.

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