Four Somalia Special Forces Officers Defect to Somaliland


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Four military officers, who had been members of Somalia’s US and Turkish-trained special forces, defected to the self-proclaimed state of Somaliland and have been received by senior military officials.

The defectors speaking to the Somaliland state television on Monday said they had been duped into joining the Somali army, though they later realized it was “an enemy against our country”.

The young military officers apologized to Somaliland citizens and appealed for presidential pardon after returning to the capital of the break-away state.

It comes a few days after reports emerged of Somali army recruiting hundreds of new soldiers from areas held by Somaliland, which has been struggling for nearly 30 years to garner an international recognition.

Some of the surrendered officers worked inside the ranks of US-trained Danab Somali special forces and others were members of the Turkish-trained Gorgor commandoes.

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