Hirshabelle Leader Resigns after his Calls to Delay Elections Were Ignored


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian)President of Somalia’s Hirshabelle State Mohamed Abdi Ware announced his resignation overnight on Monday, citing his calls to delay regional elections were ignored amidst national elections.

Mr Ware said the federal government, traditional leaders and other Hirshabelle government officials refused to consider his calls to save the region from post-election violence and other feared crisis, with widespread allegations that the selection of recently sworn-in regional MPs was marred by corruption.

Among the members of the MPs are dozens of government employees, national intelligence officers and politicians with ties to the federal government that raised concerns over the fairness of the regional presidential election, with reports that the federal government is hell-bent on getting its favorite candidate elected to Hirshabelle’s President.

The regional leader unleashed blistering attack on opposition figures from the region for remaining silent over the ongoing chaotic electoral process in the region whilst they pile criticism of the new developments in other regions of the country.

Hirshabelle’s President said after looking on with patience for some time, he decided to swing his resignation into action in accordance with the regional constitution.

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