Int’l Community Interference in Somalia’s Internal Affairs ‘Unacceptable’: Minister


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia warned international community representatives in Mogadishu against interfering in the country’s internal affairs as the outgoing president, whose term ended on February 8, faces pressure to quit.

Somali Minister of Information Osman Abokor Dube stated in a recorded video on Wednesday that there were a number of foreign ambassadors in Mogadishu who had published on twitter statements against the country’s federal government in ways not confirming to the international law and respect for nations’ sovereignties.

“Somalia is a sovereign state and its internal affairs are untouchable. As all sovereign states have right to independence, Somalia has right to independence,” Somali Minister of Information Osman Abokor Dube said.

“Somalia neither interferes in elections of other countries nor sends tweets, and similarly, we want friendly countries to safeguard sovereignty and unity of world nations,” he added.

The remarks have come after donor nations including the United States issued statements calling on Somalia’s government to hold elections immediately and open talks with other political stakeholders to end stalemate over the electoral process.

“Every statement [from the international community] against the sovereignty of the Republic of Somalia is unacceptable,” Mr Dube noted.

“Violating the sovereignty of the Republic of Somalia is a red line.”

The international community representatives in Somalia have not immediately commented on the remarks.

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