Militants Overrun Somali Military Base, Killing at Least 15


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – The Islamist group Al-Shabaab attacked a Somali military base in the central Somalia region of Mudug on Monday, killing at least 15 soldiers and seizing vehicles and other equipment, Galmudug officials and militants said.

Heavily armed fighters of the Al-Qaeda-aligned group launched a dawn attack on military base housing members of the 21st division of the Somali army in the town of Ba’adwayn.

Fierce fighting took place in the town where both sides exchanged heavy gunfire, residents say.

Militants overran the base following fierce fighting, seizing military vehicles and other equipment, confirms Galmudug military officer who have spoken to Somaliguardian.

“The terrorists were so many and were well-armed,” he said, adding that regional troops were not expecting the assault and as such, were unable parry it.

Al-Shabaab says it was behind the attack, claiming to have taken control of Ba’adwayn base and seized military vehicles including Zu-23mm anti-aircraft guns and other military equipment.

The attack comes weeks after Galmudug regional state announced military operations against militants who have recently stepped up attacks in the region and are reported to have been encroaching on regional capital, Dhusamareb.

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