Mogadishu Airport Worker Fired in Prayer Dispute


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – A Somali worker at Mogadishu’s Adan Adde airport says he was terminated after asking his employer to allow him to pray and accused Turkish company that runs airport management of discrimination.

In a video circulated on social media, the man said he was fired after praying on time while his employer refused him to do so. He accused Favori LLC, a company that runs management of Mogadishu’s Adan Adde airport of discrimination against Somali workers, favoring staff from Kenya and other countries.

The man also told media that he and other workers had not been paid for 4 months during the coronavirus pandemic and payment of their salaries has yet to gather pace.

Favori LLC had earlier dismissed dozens of Somali employees who demanded for their salaries. The workers later conveyed their complaints over media, but nothing has so far been done to address their grievances.

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