Mogadishu Mayor Admits Failure over Lifting Road Closures


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Mayor of Mogadishu said road closures in the city served as a significant challenge that proved hard to be overcome by his administration, since he was appointed to office last year.

Speaking at a ceremony held to mark the first anniversary from the time he was appointed as the mayor of Mogadishu, Omar Filish pointed out that removing road blocks placed at major roads in Mogadishu proved hard to achieve, given that he had earlier promised to do so.

“As I was appointed as a mayor, residents were eager to see the removal of road blocks at the city’s roads but the issue still remains unachieved due to significant hurdles,” said the Mayor of Mogadishu, Omar Filish.

“Our objective was to ensure that we work in a city that has a smooth transportation without traffic restrictions and fears, but that proved hard to achieve because of insecurity and hurdles devised by the enemy to stand in our way”.

It’s the first time the Mayor publicly spoken about the unachieved pledge he made a year ago, saying that his municipality did not spare any effort, but failed in all aspects of a plan formulated to lift road closures and traffic restrictions introduced by the incumbent administration three years ago.

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