Several Kenyan Soldiers Killed in IED Attacks in South Somalia


NAIROBI (Somaliguardian) – At least 4 Kenyan soldiers were killed and two others wounded after IED explosions ripped through vehicles they were traveling in near the town of Dhobley on Somalia’s border with Kenya, local officials have confirmed on Saturday.

In one of the deadliest attacks on Kenyan troops in recent weeks, exactly 5 years after Al-Shabaab killed nearly 200 Kenyan soldiers in an attack on El Adde military base, the militant group has said on Sunday that it killed 17 Kenyan soldiers in two bomb blasts and wounded 3 others.

Local Somali officials in the town of Dhobley have told Somaliguardian that at least 4 Kenyan soldiers were killed when roadside bombs struck military vehicles they were traveling in between the towns of Tabto and Dhobley near the Kenyan border.

One of the officials who would only speak on the condition of anonymity said a number of wounded Kenyan military personnel were flown by helicopters to hospitals in Kenya.

The explosions destroyed two armored military vehicles belonging to the Kenyan military based in southern Somalia.

Kenya has thousands of troops present in Somalia fighting the Al-Qaeda-linked militant group Al-Shabaab, which controls large swathes of territory in the country but its forces have been coming under frequent deadly attacks since its incursion into Somalia in 2011.

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