Somali Intelligence Official and 13 of His Bodyguards Killed in IED Blast


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – A senior Somali intelligence official and 13 of his bodyguards have been killed after blast ripped through a vehicle they were traveling in near the town of Eldeer in central Somalia.

Abdirashid Abdinur spy chief for the town of Dhusamareb and 13 of his bodyguards were killed after IED blast hit their vehicle near the town of Elder, some 30 km outside Galmudug’s regional capital, according to Mogadishu-based Dalsan Radio.

Security forces have reached the site of the attack to take the bodies of those killed in the attack to the regional capital.

It has not been immediately clear whether there were soldiers who survived the blast.

Regional security officials have not immediately commented on the explosion and the death of the regional intelligence official.

No one has yet claimed responsibility but the militant group Al-Shabaab often carries out attacks targeting Galmudug officials.

The assault comes just a day after Somali president and regional state leaders left the region following the collapse of electoral talks in the town of Dhusamareb.

Several mortar attacks targeted Dhusamareb during the presence of Somali leaders in the town to bring an end to a long-standing dispute over the country’s elections.

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