Somali Parliament Speaker Turns down Request to Serve as Interim President


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Speaker of Somali parliament Mohamed Mursal declined an opposition proposal to become an interim president after the mandate of the current leader Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo expired amid concerns raised over possible political crisis.

Opposition presidential candidates held meeting with the speaker at his home in the capital Mogadishu on Sunday night in the course of which issues including delayed elections and expiration of the current president’s term were discussed.

Mohamed Mursal turned down an opposition proposal to serve as an interim leader and hold quick elections, as part of efforts the opposition leaders say are aimed to save the country from constitutional crisis.

After Somali president’s term expired on Monday, the opposition plans to set up a transitional council to undertake consultations with political stakeholders over the electoral schedule.

The federal government has yet to comment on the opposition statement and whether it will continue serving beyond mandate after its term ended.

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