Somalia: Al-Shabaab Denies Involvement in Ethiopia Conflict


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia-based militant group Al-Shabaab has denied involvement in the war raging in Ethiopia’s Tigray region after military operation ordered by the country’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed swung into action earlier this month.

The group’s military spokesman Abu Musab speaking to affiliated media described recent claims by Ethiopia’s government – that it captured Al-Shabaab members planning attacks in Addis Ababa – as baseless fabrications.

In a statement published by local media, the militant group’s spokesman said the claims were politicized to divert world’s attention from conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region and denied involvement in war raging in the northern parts of the Horn of Africa nation.

It’s the first time Al-Shabaab has spoken about conflict in Ethiopia while the country has thousands of soldiers in Somalia fighting the armed Islamist group.

Over the past few weeks, Ethiopia has pulled out more than 3000 soldiers from Somalia to deploy them on Tigray region where fighting between federal troops and local forces enters its 12th day.

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