Somalia arrests 11 suspects in hotel rape and murder case

Somalia arrests 11 suspects in hotel rape and murder case

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia Police say they have arrested 11 people in connection with the hotel gang rape and murder of a 19-year-old secondary school graduate Hamdi Mohamed Farah in the capital, Mogadishu on September 11.

Her body was found outside Marwa hotel in the city’s Wabari district, police spokesman said on Tuesday.

Both the rape and the subsequent murder occurred on Friday night at the hotel in a high security area of the city, family members told local media on Saturday.

Somali Police Spokesman Sadik Adan Dodishe told press at the Criminal Investigation Department headquarters in Mogadishu that the arrest of 11 suspected people was made after they tracked evidence from the scene.

Two female suspects were released by Banadir regional court after being acquitted of involvement in both the rape and the murder of the teenage girl, Police Spokesman confirmed.

Mr Dodishe said Police were searching for other people that may have involved in the rape and murder, and urged citizens to offer help in identifying those who were behind the crime.

Rape has been a common practice in Somalia and the capital city in particular in recent years, with no sign of such crimes abating. But the recent gang rape of a 19-year-old secondary school graduate led to public outcry and calls for immediate investigation.

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