Somalia Bans Gatherings Ahead of Opposition Protest


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s Security Minister Hassan Hundubey said the government will not allow opposition protests to take place in the capital, citing COVID-19.

Hundubey, speaking to press in Mogadishu, reiterated that a ban on gatherings is still in place to curb the spread of coronavirus. The Somali capital is one of the worst-hit cities in the country by a second wave over the past few weeks.

On Monday, opposition leaders called for mass anti-government protests in Mogadishu on Friday, days after Turkish-trained government troops used heavy weapons last week to disperse protesters including opposition leaders, in what the opposition says was an assassination attempt against senior politicians.

Somali Security Minister urged “those planning the protests” to use other means of conveying their messages include using local TV stations to reach out to their followers.

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