Somalia Denies Troop Incursion into Ethiopia’s Tigray Region


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdirisak has on Monday denied reports that Somali troops were present in Ethiopia’s Tigray region involved in what prime minister Abiy Ahmed termed as a “law enforcement operation” against TPLF rebels.

Mr Abdirisak, who has assumed office a few days ago after his predecessor was sacked over a row stirred by the Somali federal government’s support for Ethiopia’s military offensive against Tigray forces, said Somalia was not offering hand in Abiy’s push to quell TPLF authorities and described reports indicating presence of Somali troops in the restive region as “unrealistic”.

Speaking to VOA Somali service, Somalia’s Foreign Minister noted that his government was “worried about” the conflict in Ethiopia that risked destabilizing the entire Horn of Africa region.

When asked about the Somali federal government’s position over the Tigray conflict, Mr Abdirisak reiterated that Somalia would not support a war that could have catastrophic impact on the region and was only ready for participating in the efforts aimed at enhancing regional stability.

It comes 10 days after former Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Eise Awad was fired by the Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble after standing against the federal government’s support for Ethiopia’s offensive on Tigray region.

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