Somalia: District Commissioners Fleeing Mogadishu over Insecurity


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Several commissioners of the districts in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu are fleeing for Turkey, citing security fears following the recent killing of Hodan District Commissioner Abdihakim Dhagajun by police.

The commissioners of Hamar-wayne, Shangani, Howl-wadag, Shibis, Abdiasis, Wabari, Heliwa and other districts are heading to Turkey after taking an indefinite leave of absence, Caasimada Online website has reported.

There have been reports that the district commissioners are fleeing the capital due to security fears after attacks targeting local officials have increased over the past few weeks, according to the website.

Some of the district commissioners escaping insecurity in the capital have been quoted as saying that security has deteriorated in Mogadishu and that they could longer stay in the city they were selected to serve during the transition period, as standoff over upcoming elections creates confusion in the Horn of Africa nation.

According to the report, deputy commissioners of a number of districts in Mogadishu are also planning to leave the city.

This has come following surge in attacks targeting local officials and the recent killing of Hodan district commissioner Abdihakim Dhagojun by police, whose death has triggered tensions in the city with many demanding justice for the slain district official.

District commissioners in Somalia’s capital have no access to bullet-proof vehicles used by MPs and government officials to protect themselves from Islamist attacks and other violent assaults targeting them.

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