Somalia: Explosion hits military convoy, leaving 4 dead


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – At least four Somali special forces were killed and 7 others wounded in a roadside bomb and subsequent gunfight in the Lower Shabelle region, south Somalia on Sunday.

An explosion caused by a roadside bomb ripped through a vehicle part of a convoy of foreign and Somali troops near Tihsile in the vicinity of Wanlawayn district, an area which is close to the US drone base of Belidogle.

Among the officials traveling with the convoy were the Lower Shabelle regional governor Abdikadir Mohamed Sidi and US-trained Danab special forces chief Ahmed Abdullahi Nur.

At least four soldiers were killed in the explosion followed by a brief exchange of gunfire between troops and Al-Shabaab fighters, and seven others wounded, VOA Somali Service reporting quoting military sources.

Among those injured in the attack is the chief of US-trained Danab Somali special forces Ahmed Abdullahi Nur.

The attacked convoy was heading to the US military base in Belidogle days after American troops have begun withdrawing from the war-torn nation beset by years of Islamist insurgency.

Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility but Somali government has not immediately commented on the attack.

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