Somalia FMS Leaders Walk out of Meeting after Deadlock on Elections


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s federal and regional leaders failed to reach an agreement over dispute on upcoming elections after the fourth day of sparring in the capital Mogadishu, officials confirmed on Wednesday.

There was a heated dispute at the outset of meeting over a number of issues and the leaders deadlocked on a complete overhaul of recent Dhusamareb conference. However, it was agreed to make changes to the previous deal despite some arguing to return to Dhusamareb should the deal be subjected to amendments.

It was earlier expected the leaders to issue a joint a communiqué on Tuesday, but failed to find a common ground on issues including the role of the current Electoral Commission and the cities where parliamentary elections will be held.

Sources told Somaliguardian that Puntland President did not attend the meeting on Wednesday and that Jubaland and Hirshabelle leaders walked out from the venue and returned to their hotels after attempts at finding a compromise came to an abysmal failure.

President Farmajo, the leaders of Southwest and Galmudug and the Mayor of Mogadishu continued with informal talks after negotiations broke up early on Wednesday.

What are the points of dispute?

As the leaders seem to be unable to find a common ground on the composition of electoral models, electoral commission and other issues, federal member states presidents agreed on a position that the current Electoral Commission be dissolved but President Farmajo rejected their proposal altogether.

Among other points of dispute are the number of delegates and the cities from which Somali Parliamentarians will be elected in the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.

On the other hand, President Farmajo and the leaders of federal member states agreed that multi-party system – earlier mentioned in Dhusamareb deal – could not be established in the upcoming elections due to a number of technical issues.

Somalia’s International Partners and civil society groups are closely watching the current meeting, some looking on with little hope that it may produce an outcome favorable to all sides.

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