Somalia Health Minister Discloses Medical Aid Diverted for Political Motives


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia Minister of Health Fowsiya Abikar Nur said she faces growing pressure from government officials and MPs attempting to divert medical supplies to their constituencies to garner support in re-election bids.

The Minister speaking at an event held to hand over responsibilities to newly appointed deputy Minister, reiterated that the task with which she was assigned proves hard due to officials seeking medical equipment through corrupt means.

Mrs Nur recalled a moment she was on the brink of resignation after coming under pressure from former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire for refusing to hand over medical supplies to members of the Somali parliament who wanted to distribute donations to their constituencies as part of their campaigns to win re-election.

Local media in Somalia reported earlier this year after first cases of coronavirus was confirmed in the country that the Health Minister was facing pressure from former Prime Minister and his close associates and that she was about to leave office.

The Minister also disclosed attempts by former ministers to provide their relatives with free of charge treatment – intended for the poor – at Turkish-run hospital in Mogadishu. She says the ministers filed complaint against her to the ousted Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire after Turkish doctors told them that the free of charge medical coverage was only meant for the unfortunates and as such pay money for the treatment of their family members.

Somalia’s Health Minister has for the first time made public that numerous hurdles remain at the path of introducing new medicines and medical devices bill, with the federal parliament also exercising its power to stand to its way, taking side with the companies that import medicines to the war-torn Horn of Africa nation.

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