Ahlu Sunnah Mobilizes for Possible Attack on Capital of Central Somalia’s Galmudug State

Ahlu Sunnah leader

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Ahlu Sunnah fighters have resumed a buildup of troops in the town of Bohol in Galgadud region in an effort to press an offensive on the administrative capital of central Somalia’s Galmudug regional state, weeks after they had been driven out of the town of Guriel.

The Sufi group’s fighters are mobilizing for a new showdown with government troops and regional forces, in what politicians from the region say follows recent remarks by the prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, who described Ahlu Sunnah as anti-peace armed group.

In a recent Facebook post, Abdullahi Abdi Rage, one of the officers of Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama’a said: “Either Dhusamareb or death,”. He was referring to the administrative capital of Galmudug region where the government has deployed thousands of troops over the past months to resist possible attacks from Sufi fighters.

The leader of Ahlu Sunnah Moalim Mohamud Sh. Hassan said, in an interview with BBC Somali, on November 8 that his group wanted to reach a power-sharing agreement with Galmudug regional administration and accused regional authorities of hesitating negotiations to end current standoff in the region.

Sufi fighters arrived in the village of Godon, west of Dhusamareb on Sunday night, triggering fear of fresh clashes with allied federal troops and regional forces, residents said.

More than 130 people were killed in clashes that racked the nearby town of Guriel weeks earlier and hundreds of troops airlifted by the Somali army have managed to reassert government control in the strategic town after days of ferocious gun battle.

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