Al-Shabaab, ISIS Insurgents Fight Fiercely in Northeastern Somalia


GAROWE (Somaliguardian) – Fighters of Al-Shabaab and ISIS insurgents fought fiercely in a mountainous area in the Bari region of Somalia’s northeastern semi-autonomous region of Puntland, rural residents told local media on Tuesday.

The clashes, the first between the militant groups in months, have taken place in Al-Miskad range outside the commercial port city of Bosaso and come weeks after confrontations between rival regional forces racked the town, triggering fears by the international community that the skirmishes could protract tensions in the region and distract authorities from the fight against Islamist groups.

Casualties on combatants from both groups have not been immediately known.

Militant groups battled for control of the mountainous areas in 2018 when Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab insurgents, which control vast swathes of territory in south and central Somalia, threatened to quash ISIS-affiliate in the area.

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