Al-Shabaab Launches Attack on Capital of Somalia’s Galmudug State


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Militants have attacked the capital of central Somalia’s Galmudug state where a heavy burst gunfire and mortar explosions woke up residents on Saturday night, just weeks after the regional forces bolstered by government forces, with US air support, led an offensive on towns held by militants in the south of Mudug region.

A barrage of mortar shells struck Ugas Nur airport on the outskirts of the town of Dhusamareb, the administrative capital of Galmudug region during an overnight attack launched by militants.

There are reports that government buildings inside the town have also been shelled, though casualties have not immediately known.

The airstrip that the came under attack, is home to Galmudug and AMISOM troops, who exchanged gunfire with militants during gun battle that lasted for about an hour.

Both regional authorities and Al-Shabaab have not immediately commented on the overnight raid, the latest in a series of insurgency attacks carried out by militants in the region over the past weeks.

Militants killed nearly 20 soldiers, including senior military officials and captured the commander of regional navy in an attack near the town of Ba’adwayne in Mudug region last week, and claimed to have seized several military vehicles, weapons and large caches of ammunition, though regional authorities denied their assertion.

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