“Local Anger with Farmajo Should Not Be Applied to Abiy”, President of Ethiopia’s Somali Region Says

Mustafe Cagjar

DJIBOUTI (Somaliguardian) – Somalia opposition’s anger with the Horn of Africa country’s embattled president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo should not be applied to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed – his key regional ally – president of Ethiopia’s Somali region Mustafe Cagjar said on Monday.

He was speaking at the Somali Forum for Ideas in Djibouti, which has been organized by Heritage Institute.

Mr Cagjar claimed that the current Ethiopian Prime Minister has stopped meddling in the internal affairs of Somalia and separately arming regions and militias to pit them against one another.

His remarks come just years after Ethiopian troops arrested Mokhtar Robow, who was running for Southwest president, to prevent him from participating in the race and broke up a protest in Baidoa in a move that led to the death of many civilians. Ethiopians also helped install a pro-Farmajo ally Abdiasis Laftagaren as the region’s president.

President of Ethiopia’s Somali region also argued that Abiy, unlike the previous TPLF administration, stopped aggression and atrocities against citizens of his state.

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