At least 150 Ethiopian peacekeepers from Amhara region arrested in Somalia


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Ethiopia arrested at least 150 peacekeepers from Amhara region in Somalia this week amid escalating conflict with Fano militias, Caasimada Online news website reported on Thursday.

The soldiers were disarmed in Ethiopian military bases in the towns of Dinsor, Burhakaba and Baidoa in south Somalia’s Bay region due to security fears following clashes between Amhara militias and the Ethiopian defense forces.

Among those disarmed is a high-ranking commander and they were all airlifted to Ethiopia where they will face prosecution.

During Tigray war in early 2021, Ethiopia had arrested dozens of Tigrayan peacekeepers in a number of Somali cities manned by its troops, sparking brief clashes in a number of bases in the war-torn neighboring nation.

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