Blast Rips through Military Vehicle in Somalia’s Capital


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – An explosion has taken place in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu on Saturday, targeting a convoy of government troops near the residence of former president Abdikasim Salad Hassan, officials say.

The blast ripped through a pickup vehicle transporting troops along Tarabunka-KM4 highway in the Somali capital.

Loud noise of the explosion was heard across the capital and police have immediately rushed to the scene. Traffic has been temporarily halted in order for rescue efforts to proceed unimpeded.

A damaged pickup vehicle has been reportedly removed from the road shortly after the attack.

Casualties inflicted by the explosion on the targeted troops have not been immediately clear, but security officials informed local media there have been a number of deaths as a result of the attack.

No one has yet claimed responsibility, but the Al-Qaeda affiliated militant group Al-Shabaab often carries out similar attacks in the capital and other cities in Somalia as part of a deadly insurgency it has waged for the last 13 years to overthrow the western-backed government based in Mogadishu.

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