District Headquarters in Somalia’s Capital Closed over Fears of Imminent Al-Shabaab Attack


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – A district headquarters in Somalia’s capital has been closed due to fears over imminent militant attack, weeks after commissioners of many of the city’s districts said they were fleeing for Turkey as insecurity spirals out of control.

The headquarters of Kahda district in the west of Mogadishu has been closed 15 days ago after authorities received intelligence reports about a possible Islamist assault targeting them, Caasimada Online, a local Somali news website reported on Thursday.

Staff was told not to arrive at the compound until further orders to prevent threats on their lives.

“There has been no work at the compound for 15 days and there have been reports of Al-Shabaab planning an attack [on the district headquarters].” a local official told the website.

It comes weeks after commissioners for a number of districts in Mogadishu told media they were fleeing the city for Turkey to escape insecurity during the transition period.

Their deputies also took a leave of absence to travel overseas after attacks targeting local officials have increased as tensions over delayed election continue to simmer in the Somali capital.

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