Djibouti’s Leader Slams Somalia’s Accusations over Siding with Kenya on Border Dispute


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Djibouti’s leader Ismael Omar Geelle denied accusations made by Somalia’s federal government that his government sided with Kenya during an IGAD fact finding mission dispatched to the border between Somalia and Kenya.

In an interview with BBC Somali, the president of Djibouti said Somalia and Kenya should improve their relations and respect each other’s sovereignty and increase cooperation on a number of important forefronts.

When asked about a fact-finding mission his government sent to the border between Somalia and Kenya, Geelle said: “What we saw and what we wrote have not yet been read by Somali men and they do not understand the context. We are waiting for the IGAD summit where the issue will be discussed; we do not know those who have made the exaggerations for them.”

Ismael Omar Geelle stressed that he declined to comment on the accusation immediately after it circulated on media to avoid adding tinder to an already running tension.

“I declined to comment or say something about that issue, because igniting fire could only cause problem. The issue is not as big and it will end..,” Djibouti’s president said.

Somali government criticized findings of a fact-finding mission on January 27, saying it found no evidence that Kenya was interfering in Somalia’s internal affairs and accused the government of Djibouti of siding with Nairobi.

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