Armed Drug Rings in Somalia’s capital Overpowered Security Forces, Mayor Says

Omar Filish

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Mayor of Somalia’s capital Omar Mohamed Filish said on Saturday heavily armed drug rings overpowered security forces and warned that the government will take an immediate action against those involved in anti-security activities.

Speaking at an event held to discuss deterioration of security in the northern neighborhoods of Mogadishu, the mayor added that a number of makeshift factories that produce illegal wine and other drugs have been established in Karan district, which hired heavily armed guards.

The drug rings also contributed to the insecurity in the district where residents often complain about increased armed robberies, killings and rapes carried out by armed militias dressed in army and police uniforms, he added.

Somali Security Minister Abdullahi Mohamed Nur, who also spoke at the event, promised that the government will strike the militia groups with an iron fist to curtail anti-security activities and that the government will pay heed to the complaints from Mogadishu’s residents.

Mogadishu has also recently seen an increase in the number of civilians killed by government troops and despite promises from authorities, such incidents have become part of the everyday life.

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