Election talks between Somaliland govt, opposition collapse


HARGEISA (Somaliguardian) – Talks between Somaliland government and opposition broke down after mediation efforts led by some of the country’s traditional leaders failed to bring an end to an election stalemate, the leaders of Waddani and Ucid parties said on Tuesday.

In a joint press conference, the leader of Ucid Party Faysal Ali Warabe says mediators, including the speaker of the House of Elders Saleban Mohamud Adan, has informed them that President Muse Bihi refused to give confidence to them so that they can go ahead with mediation efforts aimed at breaking the current stalemate.

Adan told the opposition that they should determine their future, he adds.

Leader of Waddani Party Hirsi Ali told the press conference that the President’s decision showed that he had no interest in holding presidential election as his term in office neared an end.

Somaliland government has not yet commented on the claims by opposition leaders.

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