Ethiopian Airlines denies reports that it has stopped flying over Somalia’s airspace

Ethiopian Airlines

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Ethiopian Airlines on Friday denied reports circulated on social media that it had stopped flying over Somalia’s airspace and disowned an article published by BBC Amharic citing its CEO as saying that it is not safe to fly over the Horn of nation.

“Ethiopian Airlines would like to clarify that the recent reports on BBC Amharic and other social media outlets about Ethiopian Group CEO’s comments on the Somali airspace situation are inaccurate and distorted,” Ethiopian Airlines said in a statement on Facebook.

“Ethiopian Airlines has not stopped flying over the Somali airspace and Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO did not state that it is unsafe to fly over Somali Airspace.”

The Ethiopian national carrier urged BBC Amharic to “correct the report it has issued on the subject” and confirmed that a “letter being circulated on the social media claiming to be from Ethiopian Airlines sent to IATA is face.”

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