Ethiopia’s govt, Tigray forces to start peace talks in South Africa



Ethiopia’s warring parties are set to start talks on Monday in a bid to find an end to a brutal civil war that has been raging for two years.

The talks are sponsored by the African Union and will see representatives from the government and rebel forces from the besieged northern region of Tigray meet in South Africa.

Violence returned to the region in August, shattering a five-month truce.

Fighting has escalated in Tigray with government troops and their Eritrean allies controlling key areas deep in the region.

The war has had devastating impacts with tens of thousands believed to have been killed, while millions have been left without food and access to basic services.

War crimes have been alleged and atrocities reported.

Tigrayan forces said their delegation had arrived in South Africa and their priorities include immediate cessation of hostilities, resumption of humanitarian aid and the withdrawal of Eritrean troops – something echoed by the international community.

The government said it’s committed to peace but vowed to continue with an offensive to control airports in the region.

The talks initially might not address all the details – but they sure have ignited hope for a long-suffering country.