Hackers Take Down Somali Government Website

Somali government website hacked

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – A group calling itself Derakson hacked into the website of the Somali Ministry of Industry and Trade (moci.gov.so) and managed to take down the site, which has been unavailable to visitors for several days.

The group wrote English and Turkish words on the front page of the hacked site, saying that “there is no a secure system”, but has not immediately made any demands.

It has not been clear if there were other government sites hit by similar cyber attacks or have been compromised by the group and the federal government did not give any information about how the group was able to take down the site and whether they demanded a ransom.

Over the past years, ransomware attacks have become commonplace on the internet and groups of hackers have been able to penetrate systems and shut down government websites across the world.

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