Kenyan Military Transport Aircraft Crashes on Landing in Somalia, Killing 1

NAIROBI (Somaliguardian) –A Kenyan military aircraft crashed on landing at Dhobley airport in the Somalia region of the Lower Juba, local officials have confirmed on Tuesday.

The military transport aircraft carrying supplies for the Kenyan troops based in the town crashed on landing, killing at least one crew member and injuring three others.

Troops at the airport managed to put out a massive fire that engulfed the plane as a result of the accident.

Kenyan military officials have not yet briefed media about the cause of the accident, which is the latest in a series of plane crashes in Somalia in the last few months.

Earlier, a cargo plane carrying supplies for Djiboutian troops crashed on landing at Beledwayne airport, a few months after a civilian plane was downed by Ethiopian troops near Bardale airport in Bay region.

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