Kenya’s President Urged to Free Well-Known Somali Analyst

Abdiwahab sh Abdisamad

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Former speaker of Kenya’s parliament Farah Moalim on Saturday told the country’s leader Uhuru Kenyatta that the “buck stops with you” when it comes to releasing a well-known Somali political analysts Abdiwahab Abdisamad.

Abdiwahab was picked by Kenyan security personnel before we went missing more than a week ago, Moalim said.

It’s 9 days since Dr Abdiwahab was picked by Security Officers from Nairobi CBD,” he tweeted. “Uhuru you are a father, a husband and son of an elderly parent. Dr Abdiwahab’s sick elderly father, wives & children are crying for him. HE the buck stops with you.”

The former Kenyan parliament speaker urged Mr Kenyatta to order the release of Abdiwahab.

A key activist and supporter of Somali president on social media platforms, Abdiwahab said “leakers are hunted down” days before his disappearance, in what many alleged was justifying the killing of a female intelligence officer Ikran Tahlil by the Somali spy agency and triggered a social media backlash.

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