Members of Somali Armed Forces Raid The Home of Military Police Chief

Members of Somali Armed Forces

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Members of Somali armed forces carried out an attack on the home of Turkish-trained military police chief in Mogadishu, officials confirmed on Monday.

At least six soldiers are said to have been part of an overnight attack on the home of Farhan Mohamoud Qarole, the commander of Turkish-trained Somali military police popularly known as Haram’ad.

The soldiers who carried out the attack are members of the national custodial corps and were traveling on a pickup military vehicle, security officials said.

Casualties inflicted on both sides by a gunfight following the attack are so far unknown.

Officials at the Somali Criminal Investigation Department told media that the soldiers involved in the raid were detained with ongoing probe into possible causes behind the overnight assault.

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