Militants Claim to Capture Army Base in South Somalia’s Daynunay Town

Somalia army

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia-based militant group Al-Shabaab said on Tuesday its fighters had overrun a base housing Somali army and Southwest regional forces near the town of Baidoa.

Islamist fighters took control of the base and the town of Daynunay, about 18 km from the town of Baidoa – the seat of power of Southwest regional state, the group said via affiliated media.

Casualties have not been immediately known and there was no independent confirmation of the group’s claims. The town has changed hands between rebel fighters and pro-government troops several times over the past years.

The dawn attack which took place on Tuesday comes as the regional state prepares to hold parliamentary elections and registers candidates vying for a number of seats allocated for Southwest state.

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