Mokhtar Robow: “To All Somalis Everywhere, Don’t Give Farmajo A Single Vote”

Mokhtar Robow

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – A former Al-Shabaab commander Mokhtar Robow Ali, who is under house arrest in Mogadishu, said he had been detained for political motives in an attempt to “hijack” elections in the Southwest state of Somalia in 2018.

Mokhtar Rabow , popularly known as Abu Mansour told VOA Somali that the federal government had arrested him to “stop me from running” for regional president and “in order to hijack the Southwest election”.

His comments come as Somalia plans to hold the Lower House elections amid escalating tensions in some of the regional states in the country.

Abu Mansour says “I can’t say my safety is secured”, months after soldiers exchanged gunfire inside “my room” which resulted in casualties.

The former Al-Shabaab commander said he does not want the incumbent president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo elected to a second term.

To all Somalis everywhere, don’t give Farmajo a single vote,” he said, adding that he will not give up running for political office despite being under house arrest for nearly three years.

Asked about why he had contacted VOA Somali, he said he wanted to share his story with the Somali public, alleging that he had been “abducted” and that he has been denied his basic rights.

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