Mutinous troops close roads in central Somalia’s Galkayo town


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Mutinous regional troops closed main highways linking the central town of Galkayo with Somalia’s capital Mogadishu and the strategic coastal town of Hobyo in Mudug region, Shabelle TV reported on Monday.

Residents said the roads are closed for more than 3 days and efforts by authorities to soothe tensions have failed abysmally.

The mutiny has been linked to a dispute over how municipal positions of southern Galkayo have been shared between different clans in the region.

Such incidents are common in the restive central town, which has seen deadly clashes between clans cohabiting in the city since the ouster of the Horn of Africa country’s military government in 1991.

Vehicles and hundreds of passengers are stranded in and outside the strategic town despite attempts by traditional leaders to end the road closures.

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