Nearly $500,000 Lost in Somalia Police Attack on Opposition Leader, Document Reveals


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s Wadajir opposition party has made public a document involving property lost in December 2017 when Somali government troops raided the home of party leader in Mogadishu.

The document was shared with federal government leaders 7 days after the attack, but the leader of Wadajir party says the compensation for the losses inflicted by the attack has yet to gather pace.

In a recent interview to a local TV station, Wadajir Party leader Abdirahman Abdishakur said they had lost nearly $500,000 in the attack, apart from people killed inside the home.

The document lists part of the equipment destroyed in an overnight attack on the home of Mr Abdishakur 3 years ago by security forces. Among the items noted are a bullet-proof vehicle, several expensive computers, mobiles phones, clothes and thousands of dollars in cash.

Among the people who lost their possessions in the attack is Abdinasir Gelle Elmi, a current member of Galmudug cabinet ministers. He lost $172,000 he wanted to buy a land in the attack.

Several other opposition party officials lost thousands of dollars in cash in the same raid and 3 years on, the federal government has yet to provide compensation for losses caused by the attack.

The overnight attack carried out by well-trained military police unit resulted in the death of six people at the home, among them a woman. Family members and opposition figures said at the time that all of them were “buried profanely with their shoes” without being shown to their families.

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