New Political Wrangling Sets off in Somalia After Pre-election Deal


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – A new political wrangling has set off in Somalia after the presidents of regional states and the prime minister signed an agreement to end months-long stalemate, prompting hope for free and fair polls, former Hirshabelle parliament speaker said on Tuesday.

Former speaker of Hirshabelle parliament Sheikh Osman Barre Mohamed told Mogadishu-based Radio Mustaqbal that leaders are squabbling over the selection of Senate and Lower House members, with each side trying to outdo the other in winning most of the seats.

What is feared to add tinder to the ongoing wrangling is the presence of candidates separately backed by the government and its opposition, as the two sides try to outdo one another with each side knuckling down to win majority at the two parliament houses, in a dramatic achievement that could determine president’s election.

“Elections will not take place without bickering, particularly those of the Lower and Upper Houses [of parliament]. The government bolsters candidates it wants to be selected while other candidates are in the race,” he said.

He urged regional leaders to play a fair role in the process and to submit a list of Senate candidates who were selected due to their service to the public.

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