Omar Abdirashid and Somalia’s PM Discuss Elections At Meeting in Mogadishu

Omar Abdirashid and Roble

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s former Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid met with the current Premier Mohamed Hussein Roble in Mogadishu on Saturday to discuss “the state of elections”, days after he had arrived in the capital to join consultations between opposition leaders after boycotting ongoing parliamentary polls over allegations of fraud and manipulation.

Mr Abdirashid extended gratitude to Roble for inviting him for talks at his residence in Mogadishu.

We truly appreciate the time and the candid discussion we had on the state of the elections,” he tweeted, adding: “Sometimes understanding is reached in such casual meetings.”

The former Premier has recently been warning that the ongoing “fraudulent” electoral process could slide the country back to a civil war, calling for corrective measures.

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