President of central Somalia’s Galmudug state survives car bomb attack


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – President of central Somalia’s Galmudug state Ahmed Abdi Qoorqoor on Friday survived a suicide car bomb targeting a military base in the frontline village of Las Ga’amey in Mudug region, days after escaping an ambush near his seat of power.

In a video, the regional President said he escaped the bombing, though two federal MPs accompanying him in his visit to the frontline base were wounded. The members of parliament Abdi Qaybdid and Abdisalan Dhabanad suffered “minor injuries”, according to authorities.

Al-Shabaab armed group claimed responsibility.

Authorities confirmed two soldiers were killed in the attack, but images circulated online by relatives sending condolences to loved ones lost in the bombing far exceed the figure.

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