Protest against separatist authorities erupt in second Somaliland town


HARGEISA (Somaliguardian) – A massive protest against Somaliland authorities erupted in the town of El-Afweyn in Sanaag region on Sunday, weeks after violent demonstrations left dozens of people dead in the town of Lasanod.

The protest broke out hours after UK-trained members of elite security force killed a civilian man on the outskirts of the town, sparking anger in the small town.

MPs from the town accused authorities of failing to deal with a spate of killings by police in the town and surrounding areas.

It comes weeks after deadly protests in the nearby town of Lasanod led to the withdrawal of separatist region’s troops and the launch of a “self-determination” conference, in which the city’s elders are considering whether to establish a new Somali regional state.

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