Somali MP blames president, new spy chief for removal of security detail

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somali MP Abdullahi Kulane said on Sunday the President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and new spy chief Mahad Salabad were behind the removal of his security detail, weeks after former intelligence boss Fahad Yasin claimed that security forces had raided his residence.

Kulane, who once served as the deputy director of the Somali intelligence agency and has been implicated in a number of atrocities including the murder of a female spy Ikran Tahlil, said the move to disband his bodyguards was aimed at intimidating him and exposing him to risk of retaliation from the “enemy”.

Somali security officials have not immediately commented on the claim. Local media reported that two of Kulane’s bodyguards had been arrested at Mogadishu airport as they tried to board domestic flights heading to one of the regions in south Somalia.

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