Somali PM Insists on Pursuing Justice for Spy’s Murder amid Mediation Push

Somali PM

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble insisted on pursuing justice for the murder of an officer working at the Cyber Security Department of the country’s intelligence agency, after meeting regional presidents allied with the president on Friday.

It comes days after the president and his prime minister named two different men to head the spy agency and remained locked in a dispute over the murder of a female spy Ikran Tahlil involving key intelligence officials.

Presidents of Galmudug Ahmed Qoorqoor and Southwest Abdiasis Laftagaren held a meeting with the Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble in an attempt to end the rift the with the president. They informed him that the president said he would accept the dismissal of the intelligence boss and the security minister if the premier agrees to drop an investigation into the murder case.

Roble said he will pursue justice for the killing of the female intelligence agent and rebuffed the president’s proposal submitted by the two regional presidents.

Ikran Tahlil’s family filed a case at the country’s military court, asking for an arrest warrant for the former intelligence chief Fahad Yasin and three of aides, whom they accused of playing a key role in their daughter’s murder.

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