Somalia Announces End to Dispute between Houses of Parliament

Somalia Announces End to Dispute between Houses of Parliament

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s houses of parliament announced an end to a long-standing dispute following a meeting that had in attendance President Farmajo, Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament speakers and the leaders of the federal member states.

President Farmajo said cooperation between the two houses of parliament was instrumental in taking the country forward through goals set to hold timely elections early on 2021.

Rift between the two houses emerged several weeks ago after the Lower House of Parliament took a unilateral action in approving a bill revised without notifying senators.

The meeting has come a few days after the leaders of federal and regional governments reached a deal that brought an end to a political stalemate over electoral aspects.

President Farmajo reiterated the necessity of implementing terms in the recent agreement to hold elections on scheduled date and meet the public desire for a peaceful transition of power.

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