Somalia: Farmajo Allies Suffer Embarrassing Defeat In Senate Vote Gripped by Fear

Somalia senate elections

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – The allies of Somalia’s current acting president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo suffered an embarrassing defeat in a vote held in the capital Mogadishu on Wednesday, where face-masked delegates had chosen Senate representatives from the break-away state of Somaliland.

In a vote gripped by fear held at the heavily fortified Afisyoni camp, key Farmajo critics joined the Upper House of Parliament, shoving attempts by the president’s allies to disappoint their election bid.

Photos circulated online showed dozens of delegates covering their faces participating in the vote, in what many said was due to fear over attacks from the Al-Qaeda-affiliated group Al-Shabaab and arrest by authorities of the break-away state of Somaliland when they return home.

The former speaker of the Senate Abdi Hashi Abdullahi, Salah Ahmed Jama, retained his senate seat. Abdi Ismael Samatar, Osman Abokor Dube, Layla Ahmed Ismael and Bilal Idris Abdullahi were among other winners in the election.

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