Somalia Military Court Unable to Probe Spy’s Murder as NISA Destroys Evidences: MP

Somali MP Amina Mohamed

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s military court informed the family of murdered female spy that it was unable to launch probe into the case due to obstruction from the president and his allies, a member of the outgoing Somali parliament said on Saturday.

Parliamentarian Amina Mohamed told a press conference held in Mogadishu that the military court said it had been denied access to the headquarters of the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency where Ikran had worked and surveillance cameras inside the compound.

The military prosecutors were told that the data saved from the cameras had been “erased”, which has crippled attempts to establish an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of the intelligence officer.

Amina said the court was also denied to interview staff inside the compound and spy officials refused to cooperate with any investigation into the murder case. She raised fear that NISA is engaged in efforts to “destroy evidences” pointing to the involvement of some of its members in Ikran’s disappearance.

Speaking shortly after a meeting with the prime minister, Ikran’s mother Qali Mohamud Guhad asked the president not to stonewall efforts to find justice for her daughter and vowed that her family will not abandon push for the trial of all those involved in the kidnapping.

Ikran’s mother meets Somali PM at his office

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has today received members of Ikran Tahlil Farah’s family, including her mother Qali Mohamud Guhad, who again asked the prime minister for a meeting to put forward complaints related to obstructions facing the prosecutors of the military court to move ahead with probe into Ikran’s case, and find a thorough and just investigation,” a spokesman for the Somali premier Mohamed Hussein Roble said on Saturday.

Roble promised that he will continue to stand for an independent investigation into the case to bring the perpetrators of the murder to justice and assured the family that “sooner or later” culprits will be brought before court, the spokesman added.

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