Somalia Opposition Writes to Several World Nations Over Delayed Elections


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s opposition has written to several world nations and international bodies over the country’s delayed elections as dispute between the Somali leader Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and other political stakeholders heightens.

Somali opposition presidential candidates accused Farmajo of serving beyond his constitutional term after his government failed to hold elections on scheduled date.

“The former president’s self-serving argument that he should remain in office until his successor is elected is disingenuous since he himself is the main reason for the delay of the electoral process. In retrospect, the Somali constitution stipulates a fixed four year term for the holder of the office of the presidency and the same for each member of parliament,” opposition letter sent to world nations and international bodies reads.

The opposition presidential candidates, including former presidents Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, say it is regrettable that Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and his team have refused to relinquish power and cooperate with other stakeholders in facilitating free and fair elections which will validate and empanel a new governing administration.

“He will continue to disrupt efforts to conduct a democratic electoral process. Farmajo’s divisive and exclusionary politics targeting federal member states and political opponents along with his intentional strategy to continually postpone elections to seek an unlawful term extension or a power grab through military means have set off the current political crisis that now threatens Somalia’s stability,” the letter adds.

Somali leader refused to negotiate in good faith and reach settlements with the regional states and other political stakeholders and has developed dictatorial tendencies to hold onto power through force, the opposition said in the statement, adding that dictatorial tendencies include violations of the constitution, usurpation of the powers of the legislative and judiciary, and suppression of public’s rights to free expression, assembly and peaceful protest.

Opposition leaders accused government troops of shooting at protesters during a peaceful rally on February 19 and attacking a hotel where two former presidents were staying on the eve of planned demonstrations.

“As grateful as we are for the training and support you continue to provide to our national forces, we however remain concerned that some of these troops, such as Gorgor (eagle) and Haram’ad (cheetah) trained and supported by Turkish government and Waran (shield, trained and supported by the United States, are used to suppress the demonstrators and attack members of the CPC,” opposition leaders said.

“These unconstitutional uses of the military, intelligence and police forces unless curtailed will likely destroy the nascent democratic process that Somalia currently enjoys.”

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