Somalia: Over 100 Arrested for Bosaso Prison Break


GAROWE (Somaliguardian) – More than 100 people, most of them youths have been arrested in connection to a recent Al-Shabaab attack on a prison in the northeastern Somalia town of Bosaso during which the militant group freed at least 400 inmates.

Police operation aimed to capture those who were behind the assault swang into action in the coastal town on Saturday after regional president ordered troops to bring perpetrators of the jail break to justice.

Some of the people arrested during a house-to-house police search have been later released while many are still being held in prisons.

The police operation has brought traffic in the town to standstill with businesses in many of Bosaso’s neighborhoods closed.

Puntland leader Saeed Deni said on Saturday that the region was “on high alert” and gave orders that those who carried out and others who facilitated the attack be arrested, assuring residents that authorities will take immediate action to prevent frequency of similar raids.

Fighters of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated militant group Al-Shabaab stormed a prison in Bosaso on Thursday night and freed more than 400 detainees, killing 7 security guards, in what security officials say was an attack the militants had been planning since early 2020.

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